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Adding events to is based on a "Pay-As-You-Go" system.
To add an event to the website you will require Credits. Credits will allow you to post any type of event.

Upcoming events (date related events) cost ONE credit per event, regardless of how long in advance of the event you are adding your post. This is specific to one day events or events that run for a few days e.g. Friday to Sunday.  Maximum duration for this type of event is 1 month. An event that runs for a few weeks/months will be seen as an ongoing event.

On-going events (not date specific i.e. occurs every Monday, ongoing for a period of time i.e. event that runs for a number of weeks, all year round etc.) will be charged at a rate of ONE credit per month of posting. 

Once you have Registered and Logged into you will get an option to Purchase Credits.

The more credits you buy, the more discount you will receive.

1   Credit                           €5
10 Credits (1 Free Credit)  €45
20 Credits (2 Free Credit)  €90
30 Credits (4 Free Credit)  €130

Note: All prices include VAT which is currently 0%

We also offer customised packages for clients who have a large number of events to promote. Please contact us on 0876259723 or for more information.