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October Bank Holiday

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The October Bank Holiday is fast approaching which can only mean one thing… it’s Halloween!

I was at my parent’s house last week and mum had given my 3 and half year old nephew the barmbrack slice that contained “the ring”. All he seen was fruit and bread and said he didn’t want it, he wasn’t long taking it once he knew there was a “surprise” inside for him. I felt jealous I wanted that slice!!

This brought me back 20+ years (don’t want to give away my age) and with six children in the house and only one ring in the cake it was though for my parents to pick which child would get “the ring” slice. Mum got around this issue by making a lot of appletarts and putting 5p wrapped up in greaseproof paper and giving the child that missed out on “the ring” the special slice of appletart instead. The excitement I can still feel it!

Halloween, what’s it all about?


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Posted on Monday, 21 October 2013  |  By Una Condra  |  0 comments

Why Out You Get?

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It's time I got blogging. Everyone else seems to be doing it. So here goes, my first blog. How did I get the name Out You Get?

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Posted on Friday, 27 September 2013  |  By Una Condra  |  1 comment

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